A Data Age Dependent Broadcast Forwarding Algorithm for Reliable Platooning Applications
Authors: Marcus Larsson, Magnus Jonsson, Fredrik Warg and Kristian Karlsson

We propose a broadcast message forwarding algorithm for V2V communication in a platooning scenario for heavy duty trucks. The algorithm utilizes link information, which is piggybacked on the original data packet, to estimate which nodes are best suited to forward the packet. The aim is to reach all nodes in the platoon with as few forward messages as possible in order to avoid channel congestion. The algorithm is evaluated by simulation using real world V2V measurement data as input.We show that the algorithm performs almost as good as two ETSI standardized forwarding algorithms with respect to keeping the data age for the entire platoon at a low level. But when it comes to keeping the message intensity low, our algorithm outperforms the better of the ETSI algorithms by 35%.

Keywords: Reliability, Platooning.
Fulltext: pdf
Published: Journal of Mobile Information Systems, Volume 2016, Hindawi Publishing Corporation, April 2016.
DOI: 10.1155/2016/7489873

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