Agreements of an Automated Driving System
Authors: Martin Skoglund, Fredrik Warg, and Behrooz Sangchoolie

When introducing automated driving systems (ADS), it is imperative that there exist mutual agreements between the ADS and stakeholders – such as the ADS equipped vehicle user, other road users, and society at large – on how the ADS should behave. Lacking such agreements, the ADS may antagonize stakeholders and, even worse, pose severe safety risks. The ADS needs a complete and unambiguous set of machine-interpretable properties describing these interactions, while the human stakeholders need to understand and accept how the ADS is designed to behave. We propose to make these considerations explicit in the form of agreements. The completeness problem is tackled by cataloguing and categorizing all agreements that need to be considered during the lifetime of an ADS in a systematic way.

Keywords: Automated driving system, agreements, system safety, ethically aligned designs
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